About Us

We are Kristi Schumacher and Ashlie Stokes, a mother-daughter duo from Iowa. We are an insurance underwriter and nurse turned fashion enthusiasts. Combined, we have always been told that we have way too much clothes, too many pairs of shoes, and too many pieces of jewelry (as well as take up WAY too much closet space 😉). Is there even such a thing!? So, we decided to take our passion and energy and turn it into an online boutique for everyone to enjoy! Our name, Olive & Sage Boutique, is a combination of our favorite color, ‘olive’, used in fashion and ‘sage’, a plant used spiritually to clear negative energy. Our focus is on inner and outer beauty as well as good vibes and positive energy. Over the years, we have noticed that a lot of women are able to select perfect individual pieces but may struggle to put those items together to complete the perfect outfit. This is where we come in and want to take the stress out of combining pieces to create outfits, whether it be for a wedding, a workday, or just a casual day out. Our goal is to make the process fun and effortless! We both pride ourselves on a strong desire to help others. At Olive & Sage, we view this as another opportunity to do so by extending our style to you. We want people to look and FEEL their very best. We appreciate you taking the time to check us out and enjoy this journey with us.